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Click here JCH-814 September 2013 - Amendment 1 signed September 24, 2015

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Click here Dormitory Prototype
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Sustainability Guidelines for Projects of Limited Scope - December 5, 2017

Green Sheet - limited scope sustainability guidelines - 2 pages

Active Solicitations


Archived Solicitation Attachments

Click here for Grafton Bldg 17 Steel FBO Attachments (solicitation 1630DC-17-R-00033)
Click here for Oneonta Fire Alarm FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL-ETA-17-R-00010)
Click here for Oneonta Water Line FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL-ETA-17-R-00009)
Click here for Atlanta New Center FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL-ETA-17-R-00003)
Click here for Barranquitas Roofs FBO Attachments (solicitation 1630DC-17-R-00003)
Click here for Shreveport New Cafeteria/Culinary, New Warehouse/Carpentry, Renovations A, X, and N FBO Attachments (solicitation 15-ETA-OJC-ANAT-0069 / DOL-ETA-15-B-00006)
Click here for Detroit Phase 2 (Demolitition of Buildings 1A, 1B and 1C, and Modernization of Building 1D) FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL-ETA-15-B-00004)
Click here for Keystone Food Service Building Stormwater Basin FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL141RP20761)
Click here for Sierra Nevada Cafeteria FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL141RB20725)
Click here for Los Angeles Seismic FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL141RB20724)
Click here for South Bronx Building One FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL1141RB20740, pre-solicitation was DOL141R1320739)
Click here for Sierra Nevada Seismic and HVAC FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL131RB20614)
Click here for Wind River New Center FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL131RB20621)
Click here for New Hampshire New Center FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RB20590)
Click here for Detroit New Dorm and Welcome Center FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RB20559)
Click here for Cassadaga New Food Service Facility FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RP20512)
Click here for Finch Henry 68-Bed New Dormitory Site Adapt FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RP20482)
Click here for Fred Acosta Roof FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RP20515)
Click here for Alaska New Vocational Annex FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RP20494)
Click here for Anaconda New Food Service Building FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RP20487)
Click here for Weber Basin New HVAC and Bathroom Ceramic Floor Tiles FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL121RP20463)
Click here for Gary Water Distribution FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL111RB20405)
Click here for CASS New Dining Hall FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL111RB20353)
Click here for Roswell Renovation FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL111RB20365)
Click here for Clearfield Dormitories FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL111RB20342)
Click here for Gulfport Redevelopment FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL111RB20350)
Click here for Wolf Creek New Cafeteria/Demolition FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL111RB20325)
Click here for Fort Simcoe Cafeteria/Culinary Arts FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL110RB20925)
Click here for Glenmont Two New Dorms, Gym Addition... FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL110RB20919)
Click here for Bamberg Renovations Asbestos Evaluation Report (solicitation DOL110RP20910)
Click here for Timber Lake New Dormitory FBO Attachments (solicitation Recovery-DOL110RB20867)
Click here for Arecibo New Dormitory FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL110RP20878)
Click here for Potomac Phase 4 Vocational Complex FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL099RB20779)
Click here for Keystone New Food Service Building FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL099RP20770)
Click here for Schenck New Cafeteria FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL099RP20690-SchenckNewCafeteria)
Click here for Muhlenberg Renovations FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL099RB20723)
Click here for Columbia Basin Dormitory FBO Attachments (solicitation DOL099RP20684)